Homemade bread

The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly changed many aspects in everyone's lives and I was no exception. Staying for long periods of time at home and avoiding to go out whenever possible made me think how nice it would be to learn a new skill that could be practiced at home.

I have always been a huge fan of cooking shows and videos on YouTube, although I personally do not cook much and when I do, I often end up cooking the same things every time. But as I started watching multiple videos of people baking breads (thanks to YouTube recommendation algorithm I probably watched like 50 of them), I became quite curious about whether I would be able to replicate that at home.

First try bread image
My first attempt – a no-knead bread baked inside a Dutch oven

So I decided to start trying and comparing different methods and techniques. Something interesting about bread-making videos is that presenters are not always consistent with each other or even with themselves sometimes, so in the end you end up with multiple hints and advises that you cannot tell if they actually help the process.

For example, some say everything must be precisely measured – whereas others say that there is no correct volume of water to be added, as this varies according to your environment conditions and the flour you use. Some say you need a Dutch oven, others say it is not needed.

I will present here some of the things that worked for me, hoping it might help other as well. But in the end there is no magical formula for making bread, you got to keep trying and adopt the techniques that better work for you.